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Conjuguemos avancemos 2

This is a review for finals week, except that Native Speakers will learn subjunctive with "Ojala que" on Tuesday. Attached below Tuesday: Teach Native speakers present subjunctive with 'Ojala'.

REview with Kahoot, and review pdf documents. Homework next 8x2 pages. Thursday: Teach preterite, irregular preterite, and imperfect. Attachments: 3. Quiz tomorrow on usted and ustedes commands. Attached below and vocabulary list in textbook page Play bingo with vocabulary. Native Speakers to begin reading chapter 10 "Un Ascenso" Comprehension questions and Vocabulary due on Wednesday. Then, vocabulary work textbook pages 1,2,4.

Textbook page7, and 8. Thursday: Double object pronouns, textbook page Complete URB worksheet attached below. Attachments: Comprehension Questions ch. Review worksheet from Friday attached belowpages Non-Native to 1.

Conversation Questions, 2. Native Speakers to begin reading chapter 8 in Senderos Fronterizos. Native speakers to read ch. Non -native to 1.

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Then, watch telehistoria completa all 3 episodes attached last week and do textbook pages Homework tonight grammar c or in workbook. Wednesday: Quiz tomorrow on usted and ustedes commands.

New vocabulary from chapter 5. Native Speakers to finish reading chapter 8 in Senderos and complete comprehension questions.

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NOn native to 1. Complete URB worksheet, 2. HOmework workbook pages Attachments: Ch 8 comprehension questions. The grammar focus for the next few weeks will be on using various kinds of commands: informal, formal, "you all" commands.

Complete URB worksheet, and textbook work pages2 and watch telehistoria 1 attached below and complete comprehension exercise 4. Then review vocabulary worksheet from ch. HOmework pages With native speakers, complete the "commands" table attached below. Native speakers to complete URB worksheet in class and homework pages URB worksheet on "usted" commands attached below.Skip to Main Content.

District Home. Select a School Select a School. Sign In. Search Our Site. Winthrop High School Home of the Vikings. Alabaku American Government - Ms. Kearney C. English Language Arts I - Ms. Indelicato C. Palen CP Modern U. History - Mr. Calinda Early U. Walton Early U. History - Ms. Flanagan ELL - Ms. Calinda Freshman English - Ms. Jardon Geometry - Mrs. Serino Hon. Spanish II - Mr.I'm hoping some of you join me in donating to Toggle navigation Toggle navigation Conjuguemos.

More Help? Overactivities created by language teachers across the world! These activities were created, and continue to be created, by language teachers. If you see an error in an activity, write in and we'll correct it!

X Instructions. Email us via Support and say which activities you'd like posted, and what is the category for these activities for example: "Oxford Latin III". That's it! We look forward to hearing from you! Adelante: Chapter 2. Adelante: Chapter 1 Segundo Paso 3. Adelante: Chapter 1 Tercer Paso 4. Adelante Chapter 1 All Pasos 5. Adelante Chapter 2 Primer Paso 6. Adelante Chapter 2 Segundo Paso 7. Adelante Chapter 2 Tercer Paso 8. Adelante Chapter 2 All Pasos 9. Adelante Chapter 3 Primer Paso Adelante Chapter 3 Segundo Paso Adelante Chapter 3 Tercer Paso Adelante Chapter 3 All Pasos Adelante Chapter 4 Primer Paso Adelante Chapter 4 Segundo Paso Adelante Chapter 4 Tercer Paso Join over 32, schools and 4.

Unlimited access to many fun activities aligned with your favorite textbook such as - Descubre, Avancemos, Realidades, Bon Voyage, Bien Dit. Aligned with popular textbooks.

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Create, import and modify activities. Conjuguemos offers a variety of verb learning games. Your students can enjoy multiplayer games and compete with their friends. Single player practice games. Competitive Multiplayer games.

Our Coqui is smart. He constantly learns about your students and gives you useful insights about their progress. Let conjuguemos do all the hard and repetitive work of grading, making sure all your grades are always up to date. Organize, search and download grades with ease. Receive grades to your email as soon as your students are done. Get insights for each of your Students and Track their progress. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site.

Toggle navigation Toggle navigation. Vocabulary Grammar Listening Activities. Try without account. Use without account Get Started. Follow us on Twitter Connect on Facebook. Aligned with popular textbooks Create, import and modify activities.Tanya, United States Highlights of Scotland, August 2016 Tour director Brian Collie was amazing.

Patricia, United Kingdom Complete Iceland, July 2016 The accommodations were all very clean and the beds in all of them were very comfortable.

Herman and Cheryl, United States Iceland Full Circle, July 2016 This was the first time I have used a travel company to plan and book our vacation. Nancy and Mark, United States Hidden Gems of Iceland, July 2016 A year ago, we had used Nordic to book a trip to Iceland. Naomi, United States Scenic Fjords of Norway, July 2016 From the start, we upgraded from comfort to quality accommodations and were extremely satisfied with all our hotels, their wonderful breakfasts and their friendly service providers.

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conjuguemos avancemos 2

She was highly professional, and still warm, personable, friendly, incredibly knowledgeable and handled a diverse group beautifully. The greenhouse was fascinating.

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And, I thought the addition of a few hours at a local farmer's home was the icing on the cake. We got to meet a farmer and his family and get a sense of what life is like for them.

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conjuguemos avancemos 2

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conjuguemos avancemos 2

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conjuguemos avancemos 2

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