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Tesla tower texas viziv technologies

With its lattice-style structural supports and bulbous top, it bears a distinct resemblance to Nikola Tesla 's Wardenclyffe Tower or Tesla Toweran ill-fated power project envisioned by the famous physicist-engineer in the early 20th century. The tower was meant to provide free energy all over Earth using wireless technology, but instead wound up scrapped by creditors after Tesla couldn't pay the mortgage on the property.

If it's anything like Tesla's system, it could also offer new ways to send signals for radio communications and global positioning systems.

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And it could bring electricity to the 1. According to company literature, the endeavor relies heavily on what are called Zenneck surface waves. These waves, named for Jonathan Zenneck a 20th century physicist and electrical engineerare electromagnetic waves that harness Earth's surface as a sort of "waveguide" or conduit for electricity and communications signals, so powerful that they envelop the entire planet without the need for wires.

Unlike so many types of other transmissions, Zenneck waves don't suffer degradation from challenges like solar flares, lightning or even electromagnetic pulses, the kind you might see in the event of, say, a nuclear bomb blast.

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Sounds like a fairly straightforward corporate experiment so far, right? Set up power transmitters in one location and then the receivers in another. Tweak the variables a bit and then determine if you can make your theories work in real-world conditions. The thing is, when it comes to Nikola Tesla's legacy, nothing is simple. His legend is fertile ground not only for real, modern science, but also for conspiracy theories of all kinds.

InTesla, a brilliant, possibly mentally-ill scientist died at his hotel. Hundreds of pages of those documents were subsequently classified and went "missing. It's possible that Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower had potential applications in some sort of particle ray weapon. Hence, the classified files. Some have even taken to calling the device a " peace ray ," a kind of defense system that the war-hating Tesla created to prevent countries from attacking each other — a powerful, invisible "wall of force" that would keep enemies at bay without resorting to the violence of bullets and bombs.

Conspiracists pounced on the fact that two of Viziv Technologies' top leaders are ex-military types with histories in ballistic missile defense. This, at a time when the U. Milford, Texas residents wondered about the tower's purpose. Michael Taylor, vice president of communications at Viziv Technologies, explained in an email what the purpose of the tower was. Showing a signal was sent and received globally, utilizing the Zenneck wave, is our primary goal at this time.

Taylor noted that Viziv was working to commercialize its wireless surface wave technology, which he said would have long-term benefits for industries including communications, energy delivery and global positioning. He acknowledged that the Viziv tower did look similar to the Wardenclyffe structure and that both Tesla and Viziv were involved in wireless electricity. This story was updated to include comments from Michael Taylor at Viziv Technologies provided after original publication.

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April 16, This photo of Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower was taken in and bears a striking resemblance to Viziv's wireless tower built in When Tesla died inU.

Then, they called in a well-regarded electrical engineer from MIT to sift through the papers and note anything useful. That engineer's name? It was Dr.

What's Really Going on at the 'Tesla Tower'?

John G. Trump, uncle to President Donald Trump. After evaluating Tesla's work, John Trump scoffed at many of the genius's ideas as " speculative. And is it just a coincidence that Viziv's tower was constructed after a Trump family member was elected to office?The team at Viziv Technologies is committed to making the world a better place through cutting edge scientific research and technological advancement.

Viziv Technologies and our patented surface wave systems would significantly increase the well-being of people everywhere by strengthening position and navigation technologies and enabling the wireless delivery of safe and reliable power throughout the world.

Billions of people continue to lack necessities like hot meals, pure drinking water, and advanced medical treatment. Countless lives are lost and communities devastated annually by destruction of electrical infrastructure resulting from natural disasters. The loss of GPS would cripple commerce, communication, transportation, and military functions as we now know it. Surface wave technologies will enable communities around the world without electricity to connect to energy resources, all with minimal environmental impact and at a fraction of what current solutions cost.

The ability to transfer power wirelessly enables its rapid delivery to disaster-affected areas, transforming the scope and efficiency of relief efforts. Robust terrestrial positioning, navigation, and timing capabilities would invigorate our economy by increasing redundancy and reducing the vulnerability of critical global assets. Collaborating with research partners to explore the full potential of the Zenneck surface wave for commercial and scientific use.

Check here for updates on community activities, company news, upcoming events, and the implementation of the Zenneck surface wave. Enabling the adoption of surface wave products and services in a safe, environmentally conscious and reliable manner, improving living conditions across the globe.

Striving to Power the Planet through Innovation. Learn More. About Us. Look at the Science. Impact Through Innovation. Without this technology. With Viziv surface wave technologies. Advanced Research. Development Licensing. Licensing of intellectual property to industry leaders for product and services development. Technology Transfer Services. Ensuring the success of clients through efficient technology transfer.

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More News and Updates. Help us make the world a better place by bringing cutting edge science and technological breakthroughs to the sectors that need it the most. Join The Team. Science About Us. Privacy Policy Terms of Use.This project is entirely political very little concern for the reality of realistic medical need. Exosomes are essential to health because they carry toxins out of sick cells and trigger the immune system to attack the cause of the illness.

The global campaign to identify and kill a dreaded virus will cause even more illness triggered by cellular trauma from toxic medications and vaccines.

The Medicare payments are single lump-sums, therefore, it is incredibly profitable to diagnose those with very light symptoms as COVID, give them 30 minutes on a ventilator, send them home, hook up the next patient for 30 minutes, and so-on. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded technology that uses a tattoo-like mechanism which injects invisible nano particles under the skin that can be read by smartphones and is being tested in a COVID vaccine.

Farmers are not allowed to process their own live stock and must send them to commercial processors, yet six large processing plants are shut down from coronavirus absenteeism and federal unemployment programs. Virginia will no longer require voters to present a photo ID in order to cast a ballot.

Robert F. Kennedy provides a long list of vaccine crimes committed by Bill Gates that caused death, paralysis and many other serious injuries. Reports indicate they are planning eventually to build the feature into all updates. Ranking on these apps could be used to allow entry into grocery stores or larger businesses and events.

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, admitted that vaccines, instead of preventing, can enhance infectious diseases. Fauci is on the leadership council of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Worshipers arrived despite police warning they would record their car plates to force them into day quarantines.

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The CDC says the flu killed 80, Americans. Medical centers set up triage tents, restricted friends and family visits and canceled elective surgeries. All of this happened without hysteria or ruining the economy.

Dr, Anthony Fauci says America will not go back to normal until a vaccine is developed. Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco said that everyone must cover their faces when they are outside their homes.

tesla tower texas viziv technologies

In principle, everything being done now has been done before but on a smaller scale. The limitless scope of the new program is new, but the Fed remains in complete control at every step — including control over Congress and the White House.

As usual, this latest maneuver is of the banks, by the banks, and for the banks. The Federal Reserve is setting up a colossal crash and, when it happens, the cost will be paid by average citizens, many of whom will be forced into bread lines and tents under bridges. For classified advertising rates and terms, click here.One of the nice things about a road trip is you often get to see something that really surprises you.

A recent trip through Texas may have resulted in my second most surprising sighting. What is it? If the mushroom were inverted or pointing towards the horizon, it would be easy to imagine it was some very odd antenna.

This dish, however, is pointed right down its own odd-shaped mast. The top of the thing sure looks like the top of a Van de Graf generator. Of course, Google found a wealth of information on it. But the Van de Graf generator guess might not have been far off.

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The tower belongs to a company called Viziv Technologies. They claim they are doing experiments to transmit energy wirelessly — very much what Tesla was trying to do with his Wardenclyffe tower. In fact, pictures of Wardenclyffe look suspiciously similar to the Texas tower. The internet is a wealth of information. Some of it is true. Then there are the things that are just clearly not true. The Earth is flat. Nazis escaped to the dark side of the moon.

But the real difficulty is the stories that seem outlandish but could be true. Consider the time-traveling story about John Titor. Wireless power transmission is pretty squarely in that camp. Tesla thought he could do it and he was a pretty smart guy.Drivers traveling east along the I corridor between Waco and Dallas have been intrigued by a tall, oddly shaped tower looming in the middle of a field in the small town of Milford, TX.

For many, the tower is a confounding sight, but those familiar with the work of Nikola Tesla have been quick to point out that the lone pylon looks strikingly similar to a Tesla Tower. The precise electrical mechanism behind it however, is known as Zenneck surface wave technology, named after electrical engineer Jonathon Zenneck, who discovered that low-frequency electrical waves could be transmitted and received through the curvature of the Earth, to and from a singular location.

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However, qualifying time penalties (as specified by the FIA) will. Drivers must start the first phase of qualifying for bets to stand.

Tesla Technology Is Being Revived in Milford, Texas

For fastest in qualifying session 1 and 2, drivers must start the specified phase of qualifying for bets to stand. The result for settlement is at the time of the podium presentation. If both drivers fail to complete the race then the driver completing the most laps will be deemed the winner. If both drivers retire on the same lap then bets will be settled on the official classification at the time of podium presentation.

All cars will be deemed as runners.Think high-impact and higher-value. But this challenge will be overcome in 2016 and this will allow formats to finally evolve. When producing content and advertising for Discover, publishers need to create highly visual stories with short attention spans in mind.

tesla tower texas viziv technologies

This trend will continue and grow in 2016 (and beyond), leading to significant changes in the presentation of mobile content and advertising. User-initiated videos will become mainstream, boasting enhanced performance metrics that provide advertisers with genuine insights into actual views and time spent on ads. Cross-platform video campaigns that leverage the unique strengths of each platform, and consider the implications that each has on the entire buying cycle, will be the Achilles heel of TV and the future of advertising.

In fact, the number of ad blocker users has exploded of late, with one-in-five UK adults implementing one. The smartphone is now our go-to device in the UK, the first thing we pick up in the morning and the last thing we look at before going to sleep. Marketers will need to ensure their campaigns are truly cross-screen, thinking mobile-first when approaching their business strategies.

tesla tower texas viziv technologies

The investment in these new formats will be centered on native video, allowing text-based publishers to tap into fast growing video advertising budgets. Viewability became a hot topic in 2015 for desktop video advertising. We should expect to have profound impacts on mobile video advertising, changing the way advertisers allocate spend and price to actual user engagement.

Mobile video has strong potential to drive engagement beyond the actual view, like app installs, and convert users down the funnel. This will be powerful given the immersive nature of both of these formats, which will have a huge impact on mobile advertising landscape.

What I mean by that is essentially retailers becoming agencies. Retail brands have long been delving into the world of publishing by creating custom content for their sites around recipes or seasonal allergy guides.

The next logical step is to become retail trading desks too. The point of sale and customer relationship management (CRM) data supermarket chains are constantly gathering is richer than anything any media agency or brand has access to. This data runs both offline and online and brands desperate to better understand their customers would jump at the opportunity to access it.

Some global retailers have already been experimenting with this approach, notably Amazon and Walmart, as well as others such as Coles in Australia, but 2016 will be the year the global retail sector really wakes up to the potential of the retail trading desk. The coming year will see major strides in the aggregation of data from disparate sources into a single view that can be used to drive holistic marketing strategies.

Marketers will continue to adopt data management platforms (DMPs) and increase their focus on unifying marketing and advertising data and messaging, resulting in the eventual merger of ad tech and martech. It will also mean increased collaboration and validated technological partnerships between mid-sized companies looking to make sure their individual solutions can work interoperably towards common marketing goals.

The value of third-party data will be further scrutinised as marketers ask, how valuable is data that just about anyone can purchase. And, with the rise of walled gardens, will second-party data become fragmented. To allow advertisers the best opportunity to engage with consumers, first-party data must still rule.

One way we expect brands and agencies to make sure their digital campaigns hit home next year is via an increased focus on moment marketing. Campaigns can be synced to a wide range of events that are likely to impact consumer behaviour, for example a change in the weather, the score of a football match or the screening of a major TV ad campaign. Everyday changes in the weather are also high on the list of moments that brands want to use to trigger digital campaigns.


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